ALIX LASERS IceCool - 3 Wavelength Premium Laser

Fully automatic 3 wavelength premium laser 1600W
Diode laser 808nm + Alexandrite laser 755nm + Yag laser 1064nm

Professional permanent hair removal of all hair types Skin I - VI

4-fold cooling down to -26.8 degrees
24 hours continuous operation - Silent Ice below 70 DB
Room temperature up to 45 degrees
5 spots: 8mm/12*12mm²/10*12mm²/10*20mm²/12*35mm²
Running capacity up to 100 million shots
Fast working speed up to 20Hz frequency

Medical approvals according to legal requirements
10 years ALIX laser warranty with replacement unit
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Handling - Scope of delivery

* Delivery by factory service
* theoretical training in online school / app
* practical training in your studio
* equipment package, gel, training, equipment accessories, protective goggles
* follow-up training MS Team
* own website
* social media advertising templates
* flyer design + 5000 flyers for presentation

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Hair Removal

For many women and men, depilation of the body is an integral part of body hygiene and well-being. There are many possibilities, but these methods are usually painful and cause inflammation or redness. In addition, the hairs grow back quickly so that the procedure has to be repeated permanently. Our device frees you permanently from stubble, redness and ingrown hair. Our devices proceed sensitively and with great care during the treatment. The treatment with our devices is gentle and especially gentle on your skin. We offer state-of-the-art technology and much more.

Gentle hair removal is easier than ever before with this diode laser. The diode laser fulfils all criteria to be allowed to play in the upper league. Many people shave themselves daily on difficult body parts or grow and pluck themselves with much effort to the desired result. The effect on longer time however one does not reach completely certainly thereby, but exactly for it this fantastische diode laser was conceived particularly. By the way, pain is a thing of the past with this procedure. The flexible handling was almost perfected by the light construction.

Diode lasers for gentle treatment
The gentle and highly effective process works with a light in the red wave range, which in turn is converted into pure energy. It is possible to work selectively and also extensively. By treating the hair roots, the long-lasting effect is intensified. With an exact wavelength of up to 808 nm, the diode laser is optimally equipped. To be more precise, the thermal development ensures that the hair is deserted. The surrounding tissue is not damaged. All skin types and hair types can be treated.


Why buy a diode laser?
The right equipment often determines the success or failure of a service provider. This sophisticated piece of technology outshines several other diode lasers in its class when it comes to important issues such as handling and flexibility that are important for comfort. Your customers will thank you by coming to your store. Our experience so far and the feedback from our customers has been very positive.

What is the difference to other hair removal methods?
A real diode laser differs from other application methods (like the classic IPL) by a highly developed light source. This source is simply called a diode in the technical language used. According to developers, a good diode in a diode laser should be able to be used with constant power. The laser light from the diode laser operates at an optimized wavelength (808 NM), which is why it is often used for hair removal.

Diode laser 2020: The new technology with 3 wavelengths
The wavelength used and the pulse energy used ensure optimal results within an average of 3-6 treatments. The sliding method used here ensures painless treatment and long-lasting results. A modern menu as well as a rather compact handpiece make the diode laser relatively easy to use. The treatment will be pleasantly quiet and quiet for your customers, which of course further increases the comfort. And the more relaxed your customer is, the more customer loyalty will be promoted and maintained.

Diode laser hair removal 808 System, use special laser with long Pulse-Width 808nm, can penetrate to hair follicle. Using selective light absorption theory, laser can be preferentially absorbed by the melanin of the hair and then heating the hair shaft and hair follicle, moreover to destroy the hair follicle and oxygen organization around hair follicle. When laser outputs, system with special cooling technology, cool the skin and protect skin from being hurt and reach a very safe and comfortable treatment!
In the crowded field of energy-based hair removal systems, IPL Swiss Premium stands out of the competition by offering cutting edge technology for effective fast and viryually painless treatments.


Europe Medical CE and US FDA Approved
The Lightest handpiece: 375g, superior to others(=800g) in the market.

The Highest Power: 1500W Energy density is 3 times higher, comparable to world’s top equipment
The Biggest Spot Size: 15*25mm

Produced in the US
-5 Grad Sapphire cooling
20 million shots guaranteed
Superior Semi-conductor cooling, 24 hours continuous working.
High cost performance equipment, available for 10 years.

Super Großer Spot

The 3 wavelengths :

Alex 755 nm Wavelength
Low penetration depth compared to other methods. Wavelength more suitable for fine and light hair. Suitable for various hair types and colours. The so-called Alexandrite wavelength offers a stronger energy absorption.

Speed 808 nm Wavelength
Mean penetration depth. The classic wavelength of hair removal devices. Half treatment time on average. Classic wavelengths in professional laser hair removal, the 808 nm wavelength.

Yag 1064 nm Wavelength
High penetration depth in comparison. Wavelength for darker skin and deep hair. The wavelength Yag 1064 is characterized by a lower melanin absorption and is therefore a focused solution for darker skin types. Especially for darker skin types.


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