Pamper your customers

Never before has a generation's need for relaxation been as pronounced as it is today, because the pressure to perform in our society is constantly increasing.
With the growing demand, the selection of cosmetic and wellness offers is now also increasing rapidly.
Do you find it difficult to keep up to date with the latest technology?
No problem! So that you do not fall by the wayside in the future and continue to meet the demands of your customers, we offer you our support,
We are happy to assist you with the modernization of your studio or wellness facility.
as a competent financing partner with flexible offers. With us you can lease more than just your new massage table:

* Modern studio and massage furniture
* Cosmetic treatment equipment such as hair or tattoo removal lasers
* Medical equipment, e.g. for vascular, magnetic or radiotherapy
* Whirlpools, therapy tubs and solariums
* Practice software

Whether nail sutio, masseur or beautician:

Stand out from your competitors with innovative treatment methods!
Whatever your investment wishes may be, with our support the modernization of your practice is guaranteed to succeed without any worries.
Because we develop fast and uncomplicated solution models, which are individually tailored to your needs.
Our financing concepts offer you absolute planning security, can be flexibly structured and strengthen your liquidity.
So get in touch with us at an early stage!

Your advantages

* Fast and reliable financing commitment
* Use of state-of-the-art technology with low leasing rates
* Protection of liquidity and equity capital
* Tax benefits and subsidies
* Fixed, calculable costs due to constant installments
* Individually created and flexibly configurable investment models
* Financing of the installments through the returns on the investment

Strengthening your independence from your principal bank

Use our leasing offers as an additional source of financing to free yourself from traditional dependencies.
Leasing offers you a reliable alternative to place your company financing on a broader foundation in addition to traditional house bank loans.

OT Vision GmbH is your reliable partner for 9 years in the field of cosmetic equipment.
We provide you with first-class quality with a satisfactory all-round service.
This service includes for example 24/7 support with 7 years warranty and interesting warranty extensions.

The devices we offer include IPL devices, SHR devices, diode laser devices, combination devices,
Nd Yag lasers and cryolipolysis devices. Of course, these are high quality and certified devices that come with complete accessories,
manuals and installation aids.
All our devices are subject to constant monitoring and the latest safety standards.

In addition, we offer - if you wish - training courses, training sessions and special training material,
so that you are the professional on your equipment right from the start. These training sessions take place either in our training center or at your site.

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Costs correspond to benefits

For a purchase to be worthwhile, the asset should at least generate a return that covers its acquisition costs.
If you choose leasing instead of the classic purchase option, you have the advantage that you do not have to make any upfront financial payments.
You can use your new acquisition to generate a calculated surplus and use it to pay off the monthly leasing installments.
The leasing object is therefore already profitable from the time of acquisition, even before you have paid the full acquisition costs.

Tax and economic advantages

Leasing installments are fully deductible as business expenses. This has the advantage that you do not burden your balance sheet and thus
no need to fear a deterioration in your company's rating position.

Fixed calculable costs instead of interest rate risks

Leasing rates are generally fixed for the entire term of the contract. This gives you the option of long-term planning,
as your leasing rates remain unchanged even if interest rates rise.


The leasing rate is generally fully tax-deductible. The duration of a leasing contract can be varied as desired.
Consequently, the contractual term of a leased asset can be extended to up to 90% of its normal useful life.
For a profitable company, on the other hand, it may make sense to choose short terms in order to achieve high leasing rates.

Protecting and securing company liquidity

Leasing conserves your equity and does not burden your liquidity despite the investment in new technology.

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