Alix Lasers ® against PRODUCT FAILURES

Alix Lasers ® against PRODUCT FAILURES

We are contacted again and again by customers who find devices with our IPL/SHR logo IPL SWISS in online stores. On these devices it says "IPL SWISS". This is a counterfeit. We have bought such a device and are appalled by the inferior quality. If you buy a cheap copy as IPL SWISS, we cannot give you any assistance. Also, we have not authorized anyone to sell devices under the name "IPL SWISS".

In case of complaints, please contact the seller and ask for the EU Declaration of Conformity.

To give our customers maximum protection against product counterfeiting, we are now working with

valuesafe®. Every Alix Lasers can be checked for authenticity immediately.

All customers will receive a letter with an authenticity seal within the next 3 months. Follow the instructions in this letter and register your unit. If you schedule the annual inspection, our installer will do it for you.

Safety and quality for you and your customers!

Contact us for more information and to inspect your purchased equipment. Our devices are all equipped with an authentication chip that allows us to access all log files of your device if you allow us to do so.


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